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What Kind of Painting do we do? Actually that shouldn't be the question.... What kind of painting don't we do? We can answer that with one word... None!

Cruz Painting covers all your Painting needs! Everything from Exterior to Interior. From Head to Toe at exceptional low rates!

Below are most of our services we proudly provide:

We will either, Spray or Roll & Hand Brush, whichever is adequate for the job... 

Exterior Painting & Repainting

 1. Pressure Washing

 2. Caulk up all the creases and joints before painting

 3. Cover up all your windows and any other spot that will not be painted with painters tape and protective plastic covers.

 4. Once Prepared... We Paint...Professionally, generally Spray Paint the walls.

 5. Remove Tape & Protective Plastic

 6. Hand Brush Paint all the Trim & Doors, corner-boards, Window Moldings, Doors, Trim Box, etc.

Interior Painting & Repainting

 1. If required and agreed move all furniture to the center of the room, and cover it with protective plastic.

 2. Drop Cloths placed all around every spot of your carpet/floor protecting it from any possible drip of paint.

 3. Wall Repairs, including, Caulking in creases and joints down on your baseboards or crown moldings, patch any nail holes in your wall, or any other minor drywall repairs.

 4. Prime any stains that can bleed through with Kilz®

 4. Sand all patches to give your wall a smooth look after completed.

 5. We Paint... Professionally

 6. If its a color change we will give your wall 2 coats to prevent you previous color to bleed through. If we are using an existing color, one coat will do the job.

Other Services

Deck Staining

Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Minor Drywall Repairs

Minor Siding Repairs

Outdoor Carpentry

Exterior Window Trim Repair


Cruz Painting uses High Quality Tools and Materials! 

Using the Following Brands:

Purdy® (

Benjamin Moore® (

Sherwin Williams® (

Behr Paint® (

Valspar Paint® (

Duration Paint®